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  • Sound and unsound practices in documentary linguistics: towards an epistemology for audio

    David Nathan
              • Participatory Culture Documentation on the Tibetan Plateau

                Gerald Roche, Ban+de mkhar , Bkra shis bzang po , G.yu lha , Snying dkar skyid , Tshe ring rnam gyal , Zla ba sgrol ma , Charles Kevin Stuart
                      • Using a geospatial approach to document and analyse locational points in face-to-face conversation

                        Francesco Possemato, Joe Blythe, Caroline de Dear, Josua Dahmen, Rod Gardner, Lesley Stirling
                                • Editors' Introduction and List of Contributors (LDD 10)

                                  Niclas Burenhult, Arthur Holmer, Anastasia Karlsson, Håkan Lundström, Jan-Olof Svantesson
                                          • Literacy use and acquisition in multilingual Eritrea

                                            Yonas M. Asfaha, Jeanne Kurvers, Sjaak Kroon
                                                  • Introduction (LDD 1)

                                                    Peter K. Austin