Capacity building for some endangered languages of Russia: Voices from Tundra and Taiga


  • Tjeerd de Graaf
  • Hidetoshi Shiraishi


In 1995, we initiated a project on The Use of Acoustic Data Bases and the Study of Language Change which was financially supported by the INTAS organisation in Brussels (De Graaf 1997, 1998). INTAS stands for INTernational ASsociation for the Promotion of Co-operation with Scientists from the Independent States of the former Soviet Union. Other research projects are financially supported by the NWO (the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research) and Groningen University. Within the research programme Voices from Tundra and Taiga several projects have now been realized. First, background information is provided for this research programme and next we illustrate some useful results which have been obtained in our joint projects. Our aim is to reconstruct more old recordings of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the Pushkinsky Dom and to use these data for the study of the language, music and folklore of the peoples of Russia. We concentrate on the study of some of the endangered languages of Russia and stress the importance of this topic, particularly in relation to capacity building for some of the languages of Russia.


RussiaVoices from Tundra and Taigaresearch projectsbackgroundresultsaudio recordingsdataendangered languagescapacity-buildingRussian Academy of SciencesPushkinsky Dom
  • Year: 2004
  • Volume: 2
  • Page/Article: 59-70
  • DOI: 10.25894/ldd291
  • Published on 31 Jul 2014